Without diversity, there is no creativity.

In partnership with Cannes Lions, we're supporting an inclusive future for the creative industries with Creative Campus.

We've sponsored future superstars from underrepresented groups to attend the Roger Hatchuel Academy at Cannes, where we'll be holding workshops, demos and talks with Google marketing and creative execs. Later in the year, the students will come to Mountain View where they'll develop new skills and take on a real-world challenge.

At Google we build for everyone, and our marketing campaigns must speak to people all around the world with different backgrounds, languages, and points of view. We want to support more talented newcomers who bring different perspectives into the industry.

This isn’t about ‘multicultural marketing'; it’s marketing in a multicultural world. Without this diversity, there is no creativity.

Google CMO Lorraine Twohill.

Cannes Lions press-release
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