Reinventing The Currency of Kindness: A Fireside Chat with Lily Cole, Presented by The Lovie Awards

Event Details

  • Thu 23 June
  • 16:00
  • YouTube Beach
Lily Cole Founder of
David-Michel Davies CEO, Webby Media Group

Reinventing the Currency of Kindness: A Fireside Chat with Lily Cole, Founder of
Interviewed by David-Michel Davies, CEO, Webby Media Group

Lily Cole is no stranger to honours and international recognition after years of high-fashion modelling and an acting career. But now, after winning the Lovie Emerging Entrepreneur Award for her site, Lily’s cemented her place as someone activating a social mission via the Internet, today’s premiere arena to affect genuine positive change in the world.’s social currency of kindness strikes the delicate balance between commerce and community.

In this talk, Lily will speak about how pioneering an internet venture that revolves around positivity and support directly contributes to the greater, worldwide mission to erase negativity, hatred, and intolerance from even the darkest corners of always-on Internet universe.

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